Fascinating Facts about February Birthday Birthstone

Fascinating Facts about February Birthday Birthstone

One of the well-liked quartz stones with a reputation for healing is amethyst. This stone with purple color is frequently utilised extensively in complementary therapies in addition to being used in other forms of jewelry. Birthstone by month is Amethyst stones have exceptional abilities to arouse feelings and nourish the body to balance the chakras for wellness. Amethyst is the birthstone for the Pisces sign, and wearing one will be lucky if you were born in February. Additionally, many people choose it on their sixth wedding anniversary. Having amethyst raw stones nearby will have various advantages even if you don't want crystal jewelry.

Amethyst can range in price per carat from $2 to $10, depending on where it was mined. Although amethyst is frequently seen as one of the more cheap gemstones, its beauty transcends its cost. If you were born in February, you could already have a special place in your heart for amethysts.

Learn more about your February's birthstone and its significance by reading it!

Inspirational Text

Inspirational Text

Because it is a source of inspiration, amethyst jewelry makes for one of the ideal birthstone presents.

People are encouraged to be brave and thoughtful by this gemstone. It is also believed to bring a tranquil vibe that aids in maintaining composure when under pressure. It is now often used as women fashion jewelry.

Egyptian troops who would engage in combat wore this purple stone to help them maintain courage. If you're anxious about your forthcoming encounter, this stone is ideal for you to wear!

Find It in South America

Brazil and Uruguay are two of the most well-known sources of amethyst.

These two nations are situated on South America's eastern coast. The gemstone originates from other places as well, but you can find it in great abundance here.

Russia and Siberia are two more well-known regions where amethyst is being produced. Beautiful stones are produced in these nations through commercial mining.

Find It in South America

Its Origins Are Greek

Its Origins Are Greek

When you look at the name of this lovely purple stone, you can tell that it has a Greek origin.

The Greek word "amethystos" means "not inebriated." It was originally believed that this amethyst might prevent intoxication, which would have been a ground-breaking treatment!

To add the ideal amethyst to your collection, look through our jewelry assortment. This is the ideal method to avoid intoxication while displaying your February Amethyst birthstone!

The Meaning of Purple

Did you know that royalty used to dress in purple?

For many years, members of the royal family donned purple jewelry, including amethysts, and families still do so now. The most powerful kings and monarchs made purple their hue of choice and adorned themselves with it.

Purple represents riches and power, which is why the color is linked to monarchy. It used to be a difficult hue to find and expensive to produce. February's Birthstone That You Need to Know contains lots of meaning.

The Meaning of Purple

Leonardo Trusts the Stone

Leonardo Trusts the Stone

Everyone knows who Leonardo da Vinci is, but do you know that he once commended the use of amethysts?

Amethyst stones, according to Leonardo da Vinci, have the power to subdue wicked ideas. which, in his hopes, would lead to greater insight It was also believed that this stone gave men greater influence over concerns of business.

February Birthstone Facts

Amethyst is a stone that is not merely purple. It is the birthstone for February and it has a lovely symbolism with Greek roots.

Over the past few centuries, the jewelry significance of amethyst stones has been associated with bravery, strength, and riches. Even Leonardo da Vinci believed that the gemstone was unique and had the power to subdue evil.

There are numerous ways to display an amethyst stone, but wearing jewelry allows you to hold it near your body. So, wear bracelets and necklaces made up of such stones. Find the latest women necklaces online and other accessories at the Kandere store.


Q. What stone is February Aquarius?

Amethyst has been loved for ages, which is not surprising given its magnificent purple color and lengthy history. Amethyst has been worn by royalty, famous people, and those wishing to benefit from its spiritual powers as the Aquarius/Pisces and February birthstone.

Q. Why do you wear Birthstones by month and day?

Because they are harmoniously matched with your energies, your birthstones have a strong connection to you. Your astrological sign or birth month/date serves as a representation of them. By giving you the right wavelength, they raise your energy level and help you adapt to your surroundings.

Q. Does wearing a birthstone give you any protection?

Others believe it may protect against natural disasters, while some wear it to prevent nightmares. Even though these claims are unproven, wearing something lovely like a birthstone would undoubtedly make you feel lucky and safe.


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