Interesting Facts about January Birthstone: Beautiful Garnet

Interesting Facts about January Birthstone: Beautiful Garnet

Prepare to learn about one of the oldest and most varied birthstones in existence, the garnet. If you were born in January, what is your birthstone? There are more than 20 different kinds of this January birthstone, which has been discovered on every continent and has a long, illustrious history.

Learn all there is to know about garnets in the next paragraphs, including their meanings, the rainbow of hues they come in, and interesting trivia. Also, get to know the best place to find such gemstones like women's necklace online at the Kandere store.

What Shade is a Garnet?

What color is the birthstone for January?

Dark red is the most typical and well-known shade of garnet.

The garnet stone has such a deep hue that in some low-light situations, it can appear nearly black. However, in regions with good lighting, the garnet's rich red color will be visible due to the way the stone glistens.

Garnets come in a variety of colors, including orange, purple, pinkish red, yellow, blue, and green, although red garnets are the most frequent.

Green garnets are a particularly rare and expensive kind of gem, classified variously as demantoid or tsavorite garnets depending on their chemical makeup. Rare blue garnets can change how their color appears.

What is the real birthstone for January?

What is the real birthstone for January?

Garnets are a wonderful present to give to a buddy who has been dependable because they stand for trust and friendship. It is the real birthstone for January. It also represents a separated love and the desire for a speedy reunion.

This is due to a Greek story in which the god Hades promised the goddess Persephone a pomegranate in exchange for her swift return. Because the name garnet is derived from the Greek word "pomum granatum," which means pomegranate seed, garnets are frequently linked to pomegranates. And it's accurate—small garnets resemble the deep crimson pomegranate seeds!

Garnets are not only the traditional gift for second wedding anniversaries, but they are also the state gemstone of New York and the state mineral of Connecticut. They are also the birthstone for january. Idaho's official gemstone is the star garnet, a rare species that when cut seems to have a star-shaped core.

Where can you find Garnets?

One of the most common stones, garnets has been discovered in numerous countries across the world, including Brazil, the Czech Republic, Russia, Afghanistan, Tanzania, India, and Thailand.

Today, East Africa, notably Tanzania and Kenya, is where one may find garnets of the best quality.

A deposit of extremely rare blue garnets was found in Madagascar in the 1990s. Blue garnets have only ever been discovered here on Earth, so far. What a wonderful birthstone gift for January that would be!

Where can you find Garnets?

Facts about Birthstones - Garnet

Facts about Birthstones - Garnet

Whether it was because they thought the stones had unique powers or just because they were beautiful, people have adored and desired garnets for thousands of years. Some of the earliest garnets have been discovered in Egyptian tombs, where they were once part of necklaces worn by pharaohs to adorn their bodies more than 5,000 years ago.

Garnets were highly valued in pre-Roman times and were commonly used to embellish gold jewelry and sword hilts.

These days, garnets are well-liked gemstones all over the world, valued for their vibrant colors and rainbow of colors. Garnets are utilised as gemstones and for industrial applications including water filtration and sandblasting due to their extreme abrasiveness. In actuality, the majority of garnets that are currently collected are employed in the industry. For jewelry and other decorative uses, only the best stones are utilised.

Making Jewelry using Garnets

Looking to give someone special a January birthstone? Due to their versatility in terms of size and shape, garnets are used in a wide variety of jewelry pieces, including rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. To emphasise the deep red hue that garnets are most frequently seen in, they are frequently set with gold. People make women fashion rings with farmers.

The price of a garnet will vary greatly based on its size, cut, color, and clarity, but due to its widespread availability, garnets are less expensive than many other gemstones. Due to their high hardness and refractive index, garnets are both bright and incredibly durable. They are therefore attractive and sturdy stones that can be used in jewelry.

Garnet jewellery frequently costs less than $100, making it a wonderful gift. The most accessible and affordable variation of the gemstone is the red garnet, while the most pricey varieties are the blue and green garnets. Find pretty gemstones jewelry only at the Kandere store. The best jewelry store in USA. You can shop for a wide variety of jewelry.

Making Jewelry using Garnets


Q. Why are birthstones important?

Birthstone jewelry is believed to bring protection, good health, and luck. Ancient astrologers believed that some gemstones had mystical properties.

Q. Does birthstone really help?

Birthstones are not just gemstones that correspond to each month. Each of them has a therapeutic quality that relates to a zodiac sign. They also help to purify, ignite, and clean the aura.

Q. Is the January birthstone rare?

According to their chemical makeup, green garnets are either demantoid or tsavorite garnets, making them a particularly rare and expensive variety of the gem.


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