Intriguing Facts About October Birthstone

Intriguing Facts About October Birthstone

Tourmaline and opal are the birthstones for October. The modern birthstone for October is tourmaline, which is a beloved gemstone for many due to its wide range of exquisite colors. The traditional birthstone for October is opal. Opal gemstones are one-of-a-kind because each one is embellished with a special color combination. You can get October birthstone necklaces in such gemstones. 

Some interesting Facts

Some interesting Facts

Many people think that rain becoming caught inside of a rock is how opal forms. Crystalline silica in the rock is carried downward by the rain. The silicon slowly dries out after that. NASA made an intriguing finding in the year 2008.

Opal deposits have been discovered on Mars!

Australia provides over 95% of the valuable birthstones for October in the globe. Since 1875, opal has been mined in Australia! Opal is a distinctive and well-liked gemstone that, among other things, lends itself wonderfully to October birthstone jewelry.

Regarding the opal gemstone's exceptional abilities, both Ancient Greeks and Romans held distinct views. Many individuals in Ancient Greece believed that opal might make you psychic! The common gemstone was associated with optimism and love in Ancient Rome. It is now a women fashion jewelry.

The abundance of silica spheres of various sizes is what gives opal gemstones their wide range of colors. The lovely October birthstone's stunning array of colors is produced by light refraction caused by the spheres.

What color stone is for October?

Opal and pink tourmaline are the birthstones for October. The main birthstone, tourmaline, is one of the few stones that can be found in practically every color, making it a rare gem. Some pink tourmalines are as clear as diamonds in clarity! Opals, on the other hand, are unique in their own right. Opal patterns have their descriptive terminology since they are so distinctive. Opals are the most distinctively individual gems.

What color stone is for October?


Birthstones have lasted throughout time. They bind us to crucial facets of society, like religion or tradition. These concepts also apply to modern times. These unique stones have evolved to represent prevailing preferences, ideas, and fashions. Join us as we examine the opal, the birthstone for October, and the alternate, pink tourmaline. You can find October birthstone bracelets in the Kandere store.

Opal has been the birthstone for October since at least the fifteenth century. But in the early 1900s, tourmaline was chosen as the birthstone for October. The month's birthstone up to this point had been aquamarine. The current birthstone for March is aquamarine.

The modern birthstone for October is tourmaline, but the traditional birthstone is opal. Tourmalines and opals both have their devotees, although opals are slightly more well-liked. Make sure to go for bracelet online shopping.

Jewelry featuring the birthstone of October stands out in a class by itself because of the variety of colours. Any jewelry item can be altered to meet your preferences for style and personality. From rings to women necklaces online, these distinctive gemstones offer a wide range of jewelry alternatives. Find the ideal present for anyone born in the tenth month at Kandere's Jewelry by learning more about these two October birthstones.


Q. Why are there two birthstones for October?

The National Association of Jewelers decided to compile a list of acceptable birthstones for each month in 1952 to standardise the birthstones. That last has since been modified over time to match adjustments in fashion trends and stone supply. In the instance of October, there were concerns raised regarding the durability of the opal and it was thought by many to be excessively feminine in look. To add tourmaline to the mix, the association made this decision. More recently, it was determined that opal and pink tourmaline would be the birthstones for October.

Q. What is october birthstone?

The opal, the traditional birthstone for October, is thought to have originated in India, where it was first introduced to the West. In Sanskrit, the opal was known as upala, or "precious stone."

” This was known as opalus in ancient Rome. The majority of opals are prized for their "play-of-color" phenomena, which refers to the shifting colors in rainbow tones.

The more recent birthstone for October is tourmaline. Due to the frequent presence of several hues in a single crystal, the term is derived from the Sinhalese word toramalli, which means "stone with mixed colors."

Q. What is the story behind birthstones?

Most academics believe that the Bible's book of Exodus is where birthstones first appeared. According to this text, Aaron served as a high priest during the time of Moses and wore a distinctive sacred garment. The name of each of the 12 tribes of Israel was carved on the breastplate, which had 12 gems.


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