Gold Plated Jewelry:A Splendid Birthday Gift For Her!

Gold Plated Jewelry:A Splendid Birthday Gift For Her!

Birthday is one of the such occasions that brings to you an opportunity to get closer to your dears. A carefully selected gift goes a long way in that direction as well. If you are looking not to spend much on the same, then Gold-Plated Jewelry, indeed, is an unparalleled gift that stands to build everlasting bonding relations with someone who loves you the most.

Jewelry – A Time Tested Gift Par Excellence

For gifting to a girl or a woman, there can’t be better selection than jewelry. If she is in teens or even older, she will appreciate your gift not just by words, but with deep sentiments and great love. She will wear your gifted jewelry as long as you have parted your ways.

Rings, Necklaces & Bracelets – Birthday Gifts For All Ages

People of all ages across the countries have been gifting jewelry to their beloveds since times immemorial. Rings, Necklaces & Bracelets enjoy a special status amongst all the gift items. All the three carry a special & sentimental message of love.

Birth Stone Studded Gold Plated Rings & Necklace

Glam up her Birthday celebrations by gifting a Birth Stone studded wow Ring or a Necklace.  Don’t gift a just ring or a necklace, instead, gift a jewelry that is studded with the stone that matches with her month of birth, Vaastu or astrological metrics.  This will add extra rapture to her delight. That gift won’t allow her to forget you even when you are not with her.

Gold Plated Jewelry Vs. All Gold Jewelry

By a naked eye, it’s not possible to distinguish a gold plated jewelry from a full gold item. The difference is, a gold plated jewelry is first made from some other base metal. Then a thin layer of 18 karat gold is plated on the outer layer.  Simply speaking, a gold plated jewelry bears pure gold on the outer layer whereas inner part is made up of some other metal. The most commonly used are brass & bronze.

Unless tested by a gold-smith, it looks like pure gold. It’s much cheaper in cost in comparison with an all gold jewelry of same weight. Another great benefit of gold plated jewelry, is, she can wear it anytime, anywhere.

Kandere Selections – One Stop Destination To Shop Online Gold Plated Rings, Necklaces & Bracelets

No doubt, it’s important to present a gift, but it’s more important to present an exotic gift. That will make everyone talk about you & your gift in the whole gathering and distinguish you in the crowd.

Based in Phoenix, Kandere is one of the most favored exclusively imitation online jewelry store that offer a wide range of selected Birthday, Engagement, Wedding & Anniversary Rings, Necklaces & Bracelets.  Every item offered by the Kandere is a statement about the craftsmanship of gold-smithy.

Not only with stones, but Kandere jewelry for Birthday gifts is crafted in gorgeous designs that you can present with an exceptional toast of love.