Things To Know About September Birthstone

Things To Know About September Birthstone

One of two gem kinds of corundum, the other being ruby, is sapphire. In present days, it is a popular fashion jewelry for women. These exquisite diamonds have been discovered all across the world, from Australia to Vietnam. Although a sapphire's geographical origin isn't always a guarantee of its level of quality, the sapphires that command the greatest premiums frequently come from Kashmir, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar.

The History of Birthstone: Sapphire

Since at least the Middle Ages, sapphire's dazzling brilliance has been a well-liked standard in the jewelry industry. There are several colors other than the stunning blue that most people associate with sapphire, including pink, black, and grey. Even colorless sapphires and a pinkish-orange kind known as padparadscha exist.


In mythology, sapphires

Sapphires and the British Royal Family are frequently linked. A sapphire from Ceylon was the renowned engagement ring worn by Princess Diana. Royalty used to wear sapphires as protective amulets in antiquity. They were connected to the god Apollo in ancient Greece and were thought to give his priests access to the afterlife. Even the month of September birthstone sapphire is derived from the blue-meaning Greek word sappheiros.

Blue sapphires were thought to be fragments of a gigantic pedestal that supported the earth in prehistoric Persia. It was thought that the sky would turn blue as these chips fell because of their reflections. In Hindu mythology, a heavenly tree known as the Kalpavriksha is thought to grant desires. A jewelry lover's paradise, the tree's base is made of diamonds, its roots are made of sapphires, and its fruit is made of rubies!

A Notable Heist

The Star of India sapphire was used in one of the most well-known historical heists. It is one of the largest sapphires ever found, weighing in at 563 carats. Some people think it's a curse. A group of thieves entered an unlocked washroom window in 1964 when they were at the American Museum of Natural History.

Along with the Star of India, they also stole more than $400,000 worth of diamonds (about $3 million in modern currency). An alarm was in place to keep the Star of India safe, but sadly the batteries had died, allowing the burglars to flee with their haul. They were apprehended two days later, and the priceless jewel was safely delivered back to the museum.

A Notable Heist

Divine Beauty

Divine Beauty

You can't go wrong with sapphire's cosmic beauty, whether you decide to wear it as a ring, necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings as part of your jewelry collection. You can do women necklace online shopping or jewelry made with sapphire.

This exquisite gem is well-known in wedding jewelry as the "something blue" that's required to guarantee the happy couple spends many long and loving years together, making it more than just September's birthstone.

What do birthstones symbolize?

Birthstones are a group of priceless stones that correspond to a person's birth month. Each gem has a special meaning that is said to relate to the wearer, according to tradition. There are a few months when different birthstones represent different traits, providing the wearer with a variety of options for the gem they select. Each of these birthstones has a rich past and continues to benefit users from all over the world by promoting health and wellness.

What do birthstones symbolize

Why Do Birthstones Matter?

Why Do Birthstones Matter?

Birthstones are described by color in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Aaron the priest, who served in Exodus, wore a distinctive breastplate with 12 distinctive gemstones, which stood for the 12 tribes of Israel.

The 12 stones are included in the New Jerusalem's foundation in Revelation, the last book of the Bible. As time went on, astrologers started to assign a particular gemstone to each of the 12 zodiac signs and the 12 months of the year. We still refer to gemstones as birthstones because ancient astrologers thought they had healing properties or offered protection from evil to those born in the corresponding month.

Final Words

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Q. What colors are September birthstone?

The sapphire, which has been prized for thousands of years, is the birthstone for September. The term sapphire typically refers to the blue variation of corundum, whereas ruby is the red version, but this birthstone is available in a wide range of different hues.

Q. What is September personality?

Either Virgos or Libras, they. Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgos are devoted, meticulous, and has a "methodical approach" to life. They could also be timid. On the other side, Libras, individuals born between September 23 and October 23, are social beings.


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