How to Handle an Oversized Ring? Get the Best Tips

How to Handle an Oversized Ring? Get the Best Tips

Rings are trendy fashion jewelry. It is something which is highly demanded. However, the size can go wrong sometimes. It seems like you have been anticipating this time (and this ring) forever. The ring that was given to you as a proposal is stunning. You can't wait to spend the rest of your life with your special someone since it is all you've ever wanted. There is only one issue. It's too huge, your ring.

Hopefully, you and your partner checked into ring sizing guides and obtained a ring that fits as snugly as a glass slipper, preventing this from happening to you in the first place. However, that doesn't always occur, and that's fine.

Although it's not ideal, an engagement ring that doesn't fit isn't the end of the world either. There are many options, both short-term and long-term, to get your ring to fit exactly so you can flaunt it without fear of it falling off.

How do you size down a ring

How do you size down a ring?

A jeweller will cut a portion of the ring band and shape it into a perfect circle to reduce the ring size. The two sections will then be put back together. Finally, any oxidation that developed during the resizing procedure will be removed from the ring.

When To Avoid Resizing A Ring

There are a few situations when you shouldn't resize your ring now that you are aware of what to look for and when to do it (or at least you should hold off a little while before doing anything permanent.)

It is not advisable to adjust your ring right now if you are experiencing weight changes, whether they be due to pregnancy or weight loss. You shouldn't get a ring that fits well now but might not fit again in a few months if your body is going to keep altering.

When To Avoid Resizing A Ring

Wait a little while to observe if the ring remains too large in various situations if you are especially sensitive to weather changes.

For instance, if you are proposed to in the winter and your ring is a little too big, it might be the ideal size in the summer when it's hot because heat makes many people's fingers swell.

The size of your knuckles is another factor to take into account. At the base of your finger, your ring may spin a little, but you have to work hard to move it over your knuckle. You won't be able to get the ring over your knuckle and to determine whether resizing it will make it fit the base of your finger.

How to make a ring fit tighter at home

How to make a ring fit tighter at home?

Wrap a rubber band

Try using a rubber band as a quick DIY solution to prevent your ring from falling off. Your ring won't be harmed, and it's secure. Even though you presumably have a standard tan rubber band in your garbage drawer, a small, transparent rubber band would be preferable for this modification. Put the ring over it after sliding it around your finger (perhaps looping it a few times, depending on size). To compensate for the extra space, the rubber band makes your finger thicker.

Can you make a loose ring fit?

A Jeweller's Professional Resizing

It's time to think about having your ring professionally resized if you've reached the point where you know you need to adjust the size of it permanently (and you have a band that will support it). A ring can typically be resized in up to two sizes. You'll take it to the jeweller, who will measure your finger and perhaps ask you a few questions (such as how the ring currently fits, what feels comfortable to you, etc.) so that you can jointly determine the ideal size. What's best? Since you're going to be a professional, your ring will be flawless and like new when you get it back (except this time it will fit perfectly). They can make rings smaller in seconds.

Can you make a loose ring fit

Avoid These At-Home DIY Resizing Tricks

Candles and hot glue

We strongly advise against trying to fix your too-big ring yourself, even though you presumably have hot glue and candle wax on hand. This is your wedding band. It should be the one you intend to wear forever. This remedy not only causes a mess, but it could also damage your ring.

Acrylic nails

Another popular method of DIY ring sizing is using clear nail paint, although this can not only cause your band to chip and flake but also cause harm. Your band may become tarnished if the metal reacts poorly to the polish (or the polish remover when you try to clean it off).

Final Thoughts

The decision of whether or not you need to resize your ring and the method you prefer to use depends on several factors. You might only need a temporary solution, such as a ring guard, which you can wear while it's chilly and your fingers are small but take off when it's warm (or after eating too much salt for supper and having some swelling in your fingers). Make sure you take your ring to a jeweler with experience if you opt to get it professionally resized so that it will look brand new and fit you flawlessly. Find some extra classy Fashion Rings for women only at the Kandere store.


Q. How much does Professional Resizing of a Ring Cost?

Without taking into account every element associated with your particular ring, it is impossible to respond to this issue. It might cost $20 or it might cost $1,000.

Q. Will a ring become weak if it is resized?

Technically, the answer is yes. A ring like a women's hollow ring is marginally weaker at each spot where it has been cut and soldered than it would otherwise be. Additionally, the stretched metal loses strength over time (though we would not suggest metal stretching as a way to resize rings).


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