12 Tips To Preserve Your Fashion Jewelry

12 Tips To Preserve Your Fashion Jewelry

Do you love to wear fashionable jewelry? Of course, you may wear it, but do you make any efforts to take care of your costume/fashion jewelry to make it long-lasting? If not, you should start from today as it is very important and helps you keep your accessories/jewelry look new every time when you wear them. We have curated 12 tips to preserve your fashion jewelry. If you really want to avoid damage, you should follow our tips to enhance the lifetime of your most favorite fashion jewelry pieces.

12 Jewelry Care Tips

Keep Your Jewelry Clean and Dry

If you want to get back the beauty of your fashion jewelry, don’t forget to keep it clean and dry. While maintaining the luster of your jewelry, avoid using chemical products like perfume, oil, or any type of cream. Even water is also not safe for your jewelry, so make sure to remove it before applying perfume or washing your hands.

Avoid Nail Paints or Coating

As an artist, you can coat your fashion jewelry to make it look unique and stylish for a short time. However, it can damage and can cause adverse effects on your jewels in the long run. Thus, do not try to perform any experiments, just keep the jewelry the way it is and always purchase the item as per your requirements.

Use Lotion or Perfume Before Wearing your Fashion Jewelry

Whether you have bought any organic lotion or perfume, there is still no guarantee that it will save your jewelry from potential damage. Also, nothing is natural today. Every product contains some sort of chemicals to make you fall in love with a sweet fragrance. Before wearing your fashion jewelry, try to put lotion or perfume first, especially if you have a habit of using such products, as it can preserve your fashion jewelry from loss and damage.

Remove your Stylish Jewelry Before Going to Bed

Avoid wearing stylish jewelry while sleeping because it can cause excessive damage, including tarnishing and breakage. The best option is to use any jewelry box or rack to store your jewelry, and this trick will help you avoid scratches that you can experience over your skin when you sleep with your necklace or any stone jewelry set.

Give a Little Break to your Fashion Jewelry

Costume jewelry is designed for occasion wear, and you should also wear it occasionally. Nonetheless, if you want to wear it on a regular basis, you should purchase the jewelry accordingly. Otherwise, wearing the same piece everyday can lead to discoloration, and it can decrease the shine of your elegant collection.

Wear Your Clothes before Putting your Jewelry

Always wear your clothes before putting your jewelry on. For example, while changing clothes, your expensive chain can break off, and your earrings can be lost, which means you can experience damage and unnecessary stress.

Protect your Jewelry from Excessive Sweating

Avoid wearing your costume jewelry to the gym as physical activities like working outside and running make you sweat so much and fade the color of your jewelry. The great solution is to keep your jewelry safe in any pouch or any storage box if you are in the gym and out of your home.

Wear your Jewelry after Makeup & Hair Spray

A perfect hairdo and makeup are essential to get a party look. Yet, makeup and hairspray contain some chemicals that can ruin your fashion jewelry. Therefore, if you are planning to use hair spray and change your look with makeup, get this process done first, and then wear your jewelry.

Don’t Wear Jewelry while Swimming

Take your jewelry off whenever you visit the spa center, pool, or any beach, as sea water and chlorine water are not safe for your jewelry and can change the color of your precious stones. Apart from it, don’t wear your ornaments if you perform water sport activities and spend more time in the pool. In this case, take a pouch with you and place your jewelry in it to gain better protection.

Avoid Using Jewelry Cleaners

Most jewelry cleaners are designed to clean gold, silver, and platinum metals. Purchasing cleaners and other chemicals for your artificial and fashion jewelry is not good and may damage your ornaments. To clean your fashion jewelry, you can consider a dry rag and a buff that is safe to use for cleaning purposes.

Don’t Wear Your Jewelry While Dishwashing

Laundry detergents and dishwashing products include harsh chemicals, so avoid wearing your jewelry while doing house chores. It can also cause discoloration and reduce the shine of your original jewels.

Buy a Jewelry Drawer

There are several drawers available online to preserve your fashion jewelry from breakage and damage. The best way is to buy a separate jewelry pouch or drawers and store your items safely.

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