Everything about Evil Eye jewelry you need to know

Everything about Evil Eye jewelry you need to know

You may have seen evil eye jewelry worn by several well-known celebrities. But what exactly is this jewelry item, and why is it growing in popularity?

What does the evil eye jewelry mean?

Doesn't the name have a menacing sound? It appears that a curse is about to be cast on you. The name of this piece of jewelry, however, couldn't be any more deceptive. The legend surrounding this item of jewellery is one of the oldest, dating back to ancient Egypt. Rather than being a curse, the evil eye is thought to be a means of protection against evil.

In the past, they were glass symbols on leather chords, but today they are stunning jewelry items set with valuable stones. The evil eye pearl necklace was also famous.

They often come in two styles. It could be oblong or spherical with an iris in the middle. Yet, both patterns and all evil eye jewelry have the same function, which is to stave off evil.

This object has remained mysterious and fascinating throughout time. This post is intended to help you comprehend the Evil Eye if you are one of those people who are attracted by this object.

And the beginning is the ideal place to begin. So let's examine this evil eye jewelry history and place of origin.

The orign of the Evil Eye

The orign of the Evil Eye

Consider the possibility that someone might unintentionally curse you out of jealousy. Imagine if someone could suddenly bring bad luck your way by flashing an envious glance your way. The origin of evil eye amulet is a curse that first appeared in ancient Greece circa 3000 B.C. Humans used to think that receiving an evil eye would bring that curse upon the sender.

So let's imagine that you win the lotto and that someone is looking at you with envy. The curse will be reflected on the wearer by the evil eye amulet. The evil eye amulet was popular at the time because this tale played a significant role in both Greek and Roman culture. The evil eye charm bracelet is popular jewelry.

Yet, only the Greeks and Romans wore jewelry to protect against the evil eye. Turkish history also includes the evil eye amulet, which was widespread and known by the name Nazar Boncuk. The majority of people who wore these amulets had them created in blue since the Turkish people thought that the color blue was lucky.

But, what does Evil Eye jewelry represent?

Since no evil is supposed to come upon you, it is assumed that it also brings good luck. It is also supposed to bring guidance and peace, and ward off evil. Not alone was the evil eye retained as jewelry. Due to its popularity, it was transformed into mementos and stored in a variety of ways to safeguard the house and everyone.

It wasn't unusual to see attractive ladies, young children, and wealthy people wearing this amulet or Evil Eye Healing Charm Bracelet because certain cultures thought that the evil eye curse might be unintentional. Children were supposed to be weak, and prosperity and beauty made even the gods envious. Recall what transpired with Medusa. I'm sure she wished she had an amulet against evil eyes with her at the time.

Individuals who frequently received compliments, usually because they possessed remarkable talent, were also vulnerable to the jealous curse. As a result of this prevalent belief, ancient Italians made sure that any compliment was followed with the words "may these words not damage you." Because to them, the evil eye amulet was a very well-liked item of jewelry in medieval times.

But, what does Evil Eye jewelry represent?

The Evil Eye can take a lot of Shapes

The Evil Eye can take a lot of Shapes

There are many results when you search for "Evil eye," but the thing that stands out the most is that many of them don't seem the same. They can be worn as evil eye pendant necklaces, bracelets, or even objects that are not attached to any part of the body. Some appear to be common jewelry from flea markets, while others appear to be suitable to adorn the necks of royalty. Does this imply that the outcomes differ? Anecdotes claim that as long as the evil eye contains the necessary components to provide protection, it doesn't matter how it looks or what shape it takes. The evil eye amulet was not the same across all cultures that employed it even in antiquity.

Final Words

The evil eye is supposed to protect you. It is like a lucky charm, and it is probably, the origin of all lucky charms. Go ahead and get the jewelry from the best online jewelry store in the USA - Kandere. Browse for discovering the latest collections.


Q. Why Wear Evil Eye Jewelry?

Any jewelry item with the evil eye sign on it grants the wearer strength and protection from ill omens or bad luck.

Q. Which Colour of evil eye is best?

Experts in Vastu believe that hanging the Evil Eye in your home is the greatest placement for it. The most popular one is the Blue Eye, which may guard your family and keep jealous people away from your home.

Q. Where you can find evil eye necklaces?

You can find women necklaces online at the Kandere store. Kandere is popular for selling evil eye necklaces.


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