Trendy pearl fashion jewelry for women to style

Trendy pearl fashion jewelry for women to style

One of the biggest and long-lasting trends to have dominated the jewelry industry is the pearl, a gemstone that has readily withstood the test of time.

Pearl fashion jewelry for women is still popular in 2024 and is no longer just for special occasions or keeping in your grandmother's jewelry box. Top designers and brands are constantly showcasing pearl jewelry in innovative and exciting ways. However, it's safe to say that this brilliant stone has advanced significantly over the ages, continually evolving to mirror the newest jewelry trends.

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Looking for pearl jewelry styling advice? Don't worry, we'll cover that.

Daily Wear

Daily Wear

Because of their delicate nature, pearls are often seen as something that ladies should save for special occasions. Although wearing pearls every day may raise the danger of damage, this may be prevented with the right pearl jewelry maintenance (more on this later!).

With this in mind, there is no excuse not to wear pearls while choosing your daily attire! Simple pearl stud trendy fashion earrings will instantly elevate your appearance, whether you're going to the office or just doing errands.

Special Events

Pearl fashion jewelry for women is the ideal method to accessorize your look with a hint of vintage romanticism and sophistication, excellent for enhancing your special occasion style.

The pearl's distinctive sheen is eye-catching but understated, seductive yet elegant. Your style will be enhanced with a delicate pearl necklace and/or pair of pearl drop earrings, which are appropriate for every event, from elegant cocktail parties to romantic dinner dates.

This gleaming gem speaks for itself, but if you like a little extra dazzle, you might be drawn to pearl jewelry that has sparkling diamonds or cubic zirconia accents. Make sure the rest of your ensemble is coordinated, minimal, and chic.

Special Events

How to Take Care of Pearl Jewelry

How to Take Care of Pearl Jewelry?

Pearls are prized for their delicate nature, but this comes with a little catch: they typically need a higher level of attentive maintenance.

In our comprehensive jewelry cleaning guide, we cover the topic of cleaning pearls.

But regular cleaning alone won't keep your pearl jewelry looking its best. Here is our best pearl jewelry maintenance advice:

Wear them as often as you can because your skin's natural oils make your pearls shine brighter! Pearls appreciate some assistance to stay hydrated and dewy, just like applying moisturiser to your skin to avoid dryness.

Avoid any water-related activities, including swimming and dishwashing.

After wearing, wipe your pearls down to eliminate any residue from items like perfume or perspiration that could harm the pearl's delicate nacre and impair luster.

Never hang up pearl bracelets or necklaces because the silk string will eventually stretch and make them look less exquisite than they are. When not in use, pearl necklaces and bracelets should always be laid flat.

Store pearls separately since they are delicate and may harm metals and other jewels if kept together. Consider storing them securely in a separate area of your jewelry box.

Don't keep them in sealed containers since, as we mentioned earlier, pearls require moisture. They can crack if there is not enough moisture. They should be kept in soft, silk-preferably-made fabric or pouch.

There are many things to keep in mind when purchasing pearl fashion jewelry for women. Let's examine each of them individually:

1. Quality:  When purchasing a real pearl, be cautious to inspect the pearl's surface. The pearl's surface must be flawless, smooth, and free of defects.

2. Colour: Pearls come in a wide range of colours, from black to white, but not all of them are genuine. Only pearls from Kandere offer a durable and genuine colour.

3. Size: Different types of pearls vary in size from one another. They come in sizes ranging from 0.2 mm to 20.0 mm. Given their larger size and higher value, Tahitian and South Sea pearls are sought after.

4. Shape: While pearls come in a variety of shapes, the classic round, a spherical shape is used for practically all jewelry designs. Various styles of jewelry are created with baroque, stick, or coin pearls.

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