Size Chart for Top Picks of Necklaces

Size Chart for Top Picks of Necklaces


A necklace is a great way to elevate any outfit effortlessly. Whether it's a pendant necklace or a simple chain, there are numerous ways to add some sparkle to your neckline. However, with great style comes great responsibility, and the first step is determining the ideal length and fit. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to get top jewelry and on how to choose the perfect necklace size based on your style, body type, and preferences.

Finding the Perfect Fit

When selecting the right necklace for yourself or as a gift, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. Everyone desires a perfectly tailored fit for their jewelry, and this necklace size chart will help you achieve just that. First, consider your neck size. While it may seem obvious, the width of your neck plays a crucial role in determining the necklace length that will suit you best. Just like rings and bracelets, there is no one-size-fits-all rule for necklaces. Take the time to think about how a necklace will sit around your neck before making a purchase.

Height and Necklaces

Height is another factor to consider. Generally, the taller you are, the longer your necklace should be. According to this women's necklace size chart, if you are under 5 feet tall, a necklace between 16 and 20 inches long would be suitable. For individuals between 5'4" and 5'7", most necklaces in the standard length range will look great. However, if you are taller than average, opt for necklaces that are at least 20 inches long. Remember, these are just suggestions, and ultimately, you should wear whatever makes you feel confident and suits your mood.

Flatter Your Body Shape

Your body shape is another aspect to think about when choosing a necklace. Similar to buying clothing, jewelry has the power to draw attention to specific features. For instance, if you want to emphasize your hips, a long, thin necklace can be useful. On the other hand, a thicker and shorter necklace may be more effective if you wish to create the illusion of slimmer hips.

How to Measure for the Perfect Necklace Length

To measure your neck for the ideal necklace length, wrap a flexible measuring tape around your neck and hold your finger where the two ends meet. This measurement will work if you prefer a choker. Otherwise, add three inches to your neck measurement to determine the minimum length of your preferred necklace.

 Multi-layer Star Pendant Necklace


By exploring different necklace lengths and this necklace size guide, you can discover a whole new side of your style. Whether you're wearing gemstones or gold links, there is an ideal length for everyone. Keep experimenting with lengths and styles, and you'll always look fantastic. If you're looking for women's necklaces and accessories, check out Kandere, a renowned store that offers a wide variety of jewelry at affordable rates.


Q. How do I determine the right necklace length for my neck size?

To determine the ideal necklace length based on your neck size, measure your neck using a flexible measuring tape. For a choker-style necklace, use the exact measurement. If you prefer a necklace with a looser fit, add three inches to your neck measurement. Refer to a necklace size chart for more specific guidelines.

Q. Does height play a role in choosing the right necklace length?

Yes, height is a factor to consider when selecting a necklace length. Generally, taller individuals can wear longer necklaces, while shorter individuals may prefer shorter lengths. However, personal preference and style also play a significant role. Use a women's necklace size chart as a starting point and adjust based on your height and personal style.

Q. Where can I find a necklace size chart in millimeters?
If you're looking for a necklace size chart in mm, you can find them online on jewelry websites or fashion blogs. These charts provide a detailed reference for necklace lengths and corresponding millimeter measurements, helping you choose the perfect fit for your desired style and look.

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